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August 25, 2011
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In The Underground Van......

It was quiet sonic was tuning his guitar manic was hanging upside down from his seat eating an apple and sonia was quietly planning their next attack against robotnik.

[sonia sonic and manic age 10]

Manic:" is it just me guys or is it like dead silence in here? or did you guys just die?"

Sonic:" I know what you mean lil bro, its to quiet for our own good."

Sonia:" I for one found it comforting, and you guys just interupted my relaxation."

Sonic:" So what are we doing next to get on buttniks nerves sis?"

Sonia:" Well, theres a SwatBot factory that were gonna take down next."

Sonic:" just one?.... come on sis I need a little more than that."


Sonic:" Yes maam."

Sonia:" Manic?!"

Manic:" What?! im just an innocent bystander."

Sonia:" Manic promise me you wont try anything stupid?!"

Manic:" *takes a bite out of his apple* I promise."

Sonia:" First, sit upside right before you choke. Second I want you to be serious when you promise to me."

Manic:" Okay, Okay sheesh! *sits upside right* *lifts his apple filled right hand* I promise not to go off on my own during the mission, unless the mission requires that I do, that good enough?"

Sonia:" it'll do."

Sonic:" when are we heading out?"

Sonia:" tommorrow."

Sonic:" Tommorrow...?..... why not tonight?"

Sonia:" cause thats the plan and thats what I told cyrus and knuckles."

Sonic:" oh, so knucklehead's coming?"

Sonia:" no."

Sonic:" good...."

Sonia:" knuckles is coming."

Manic:" Wait I thought you said he wasnt coming?"

Sonia:" no, I said knucklehead isnt coming, but knuckles is...."

Sonic:" knuckles is knucklehead."

Sonia:" you are impossible sonic."

Sonic:" I try...."

Sonia:" im sure you do."

Manic:" :tears: {dont they ever stop}

Sonia:" something wrong manic?"

Manic:" nope, why you ask?"

Sonia:" *sigh*  never mind I guess. Hm, well. guys it's time for bed."

Sonic:" no way..."

Manic:" it's only like 11:00 O-clock way to early for bed."

Sonia:" yeah but when we have to get up at 6:00 AM for our mission you'll be happy we went to bed at 11:00."

Manic:" wow, 6:00?"

Sonic:" your nuts.... the roosters will be asleep at that time."

Sonia:" exactly."

Manic:" im not following."

Sonia:" if we go to bed early and wake up early then we can finish our mission before even robotnik is awake. *sonia walks towards the light switch* "

Sonic:" *mimicking sonia with out talking* if we go to bed...."

Manic:" heh heh."

Sonic:" *stops mimicking* :D

Sonia:" I saw that."

Sonic:" what? but you were looking the other way."

Sonia:" your point is?"

Manic:" I always knew you had eyes in the back of your head sis."

Sonia:" TT BED! NOW! *turns the lights out* "

Manic:" its.... dark....."

Sonic:" no duh!"

Sonia:" I dont hear you sleeping."

Manic:" you cant hear someone sleeping."

Sonic:" you forget who your talking about bro."

Manic:" O.O  oh yeah.... well im gonna go to bed now before the wicked witch of the west gets mad. *manic goes to his bed and lays down* "

Sonia:" you two do realize im right here, right?"  TT

Sonic:" right..... bedtime... * sonic flops on his bed* night."

Manic:" goodnight :D

Sonic:" nighty night."

Manic:" sweet dreams bro."

Sonic:" as to you brother."

Manic:" I indubedly say....."

Sonia:" SHUT UP! TT NOW!"

Manic:" uh, yeah night."

Sonic:" same to you."

Sonia:" {ahhh finally peace and quiet}

The next morning.....

Sonia:" Time to get up guys its exactly 6:00."

Sonic:" five more minutes."

Sonia:" I told you guys to go to bed early, so you wouldnt be tired but did you listen to me NO......."

Manic:" please mommy?"

Sonia:" TT UP! NOW!!! dont make me get the water bucket."

Sonic:" IM UP! IM UP!"

Sonia:" thought so..... manic?"

Manic:" like I said dude, dudette, sis five more minutes."

Sonia:" I'll get the water bucket."

Manic:" Be my pleasure I could use a good drink."

Sonia:" *growls* Fine!"

Sonic:" *yawn* Well I guess im gonna try to wake myself up a little."

Manic:" you do that. WOAH! *falls out of bed soaked*  DUDE!!!"

Sonia:" *holding a bucket* I warned you."

Sonic:" *laughs* thats a nice look for you bro."

Manic:" TT shut up. *stands up* you didnt have to mess up my quills sis."

Sonia:" you asked for it."

Sonic:" ya kinda did."

Sonia:" DO YOU WANT SOME!?!"

Sonic:" no thank you, im fine, im not thirsty at all."

Manic:" heh, heh man bro shes got you tamed."

Sonic:" pfft so says you."

Manic:" YES! so says me. *sticks thumb to chest* "


Manic:" no thank you, I had enough water for one day."

Sonic:" *chuckles* you were saying?"

Manic:" oh, Whatever! I cant help it if she's scary when shes grumpy."

Sonic:" mmm hmmm sure."

Manic:" T3T

Sonic:" O.o uh, okay."

Sonic&Manic:" WOAH! *falls over*

Sonic:" *laying on top of manic* heh heh."

Manic:" *tapping fingers* can you get off me?"

Sonic:" sure. *sonic gets up and helps manic up and they walk up to the front of the van* "

Manic:" hey sis whats with the muderous driving?"

Sonia:" were going to go meet knuckles and cyrus."


Sonia:" just sit down buckle up and SHUT UP!"

Manic:" touchy."

Sonic:" pfft. *sits down next to sonia* "

Manic:" man, im the one who gets drenched with water and you to are the grouchy ones. *plops down in the seat next to sonic* "

Sonia&Sonic:" TT

Manic:" wow, double stare down.... creepy."

Sonia&Sonic:" *silence*

Manic:" {awkward.....}

Theres the end to this first part, Part two will be out soon. TBC............
This is just the first part to my underground series.

and just so you know I believe Sonia is the oldest out of the three and sonic is the middle child and manic is the youngest of course.

I tried to put a little humor between the three so.... I hope you all like it. ^^
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MrWhiskerz Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist
is the new part out yet? :3
sonia1999 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
Best story ever
HorokiueUsui Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2012
haha i bet Manic wet his pants after getting soaked by his own sis! :iconlaughingplz:

:iconmanicplz::iconsaysplz:.....okay who put chilly-dog's in the engine?...
:iconsoniaplz::iconsaysplz:....Soonnniiiccc!*looks over at sonic*
:iconsonicplz::iconsaysplz:What?..oh hey i so forgot those were in there!...*gets bag*Hey and their still Warm TOO!!!
MrWhiskerz Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist
HorokiueUsui Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2013
KuchiKuchiKoo Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Is Sonia really that bossy,anyways nice chapter :D
BTW how do you make something like this?
manicthemaniac Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks, yeah sonia can be bossy, but shes just grouchy cause its so early and sonic and manic wouldnt let her sleep.^3^

do you mean the story?
KuchiKuchiKoo Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
No i mean how do you make like a story in that form?
manicthemaniac Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh, well I just do colon and open quotes and close quotes like this...

manic:" YO man wazzap?!" see is that what you mean?
KuchiKuchiKoo Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Oh okay thanks!
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